Help us reach 1,000,000 steps pledged to walk for health on May 29th in Colorado

Event Details
Join Us May 29th, Between 8am & 4pm

We will have groups all around Colorado Walking for mental and physical health awareness. We already have over 300,000 steps pledged and we want you to join us!  Create a Group, Grab your friends and family, pick a location and walk with us!   Take pictures and videos of you walking that day send them to us so we can celebrate together!

Make the pledge and walk with us:

"I pledge to take care of my physical and mental health and to promote self-care in my community"

Pledge To Move For Your Health

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What We Are About


Move For My Health is an initiative launched by MY Black Colorado in 2021 to help promote mental and physical health among black Coloradans.

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of people of color who have limited access and/or exposure to health care and mental health. We are rooted in spreading overdue awareness around physical and mental health in black and brown neighborhoods to better serve our communities and beyond. We are by the people, for the people

Our Mission

To create awareness around mental and physical health care, and to bring together people of color. The funds raised from these events will be used to increase awareness, address the shortage of affordable care, emphasize the importance of wellness in mental health,  and focus on underserved groups.

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Event Partners


  • Connect For Health Colorado

  • Pikes Peak Diversity Council

  • Denver-Rocky Mountain Association of Black Phycologists

  • Achieving Healthier Lifestyles

  • Kuumba Cultural Collective of Southern Colorado

  • Vibe Tribe Adventures

  • Luxe Brand Agency

  • Success By Design Media

  • Fitness with Natilia

  • Latisha Hardy Dance & Company

  • ItsTheG

  • Abundant Nutrition

  • The Venus Collective

  • Fit & Nu


  • Shirley Martinez

  • Dr. Anthony Young

  • Rodney Scott

  • Jessica Newton

  • Jeanette Falu Bishop

  • Nicholas Crutcher

  • Candice Mcknight

  • Leona Abdulla-Ward

  • Ralph McCoy

  • James Flowers

  • Sammi Blaque

Pledge to Walk With Us

Join or Create Your Own Group

Move For My Health is an Initiative of My Black Colorado